We help inventors and investors succeed.

Protect your invention, protect your freedom to operate, and attract investors -- all for a price that fits a startup budget.

Limit your spending up front and get the protection you need to confidently share your invention and get investment backing.

You need to know whether a potential or active investment’s IP strategy is sufficient. Can your company of interest's patents be successfully defended if challenged?

Let our due diligence assure that your investment strategy has the right defenses.

Who We Are

We have expertise in a broad range of areas including energy resources and management, chemical synthesis, nuclear technology, pharmaceuticals and formulations, mining, polymer chemistry, engineering design, operational and business methods, electronic security, mechanical devices, genetics, metabolism, software, wearable technology, and model organisms.


Erin Engelhardt

Erin is a Patent Agent registered in Canada and a US Patent Agent for Canadian Applicants. Erin has an MSc in Organic Chemistry from the University of Toronto.


Mark Engelhardt

Mark is an expert in computational and life sciences. Mark has a PhD in Biochemistry from Stanford University.

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